Conan C/C++ Package Manager (2020+)

Conan C/C++ Package Manager (2020+)

Create and Manage Conan packages and repositories

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Welcome to the Conan series on JFrog academy.  Conan is the premier package manager for C and C++ and is a supported package type on Artifactory.  It is also an ideal building block for build engineers who are trying to create modern continuous integration pipelines for C and C++.  The Conan team at JFrog is committed to continually making the process of learning and adopting Conan even easier.  With that in mind, we've created this series of self-paced exercise-based courses to help people at all levels of experience with Conan Leap forward. 

The Series begins with a very high-level course called "Introduction to Conan", intended for people who are completely unfamiliar with Conan. It then provides a course called "Conan Essentials", which will help you learn fundamental concepts, and practice fundamental Commands. The next course called "Conan Advanced" provides a deeper dive through commands and features which solve more complicated build and packaging challenges. In time, we plan to add future courses with more specific focuses such as CI/CD, extending Conan with customization, and more.

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