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AcademySecuring Software Pipelines with Artifactory

Securing Software Pipelines with Artifactory

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Course Summary

Software development pipelines need to adhere to the highest security standards. With Artifactory at the center of the development pipeline, you need access to fine-grained, strong security solutions. In this course, you'll learn about the security foundations in Artifactory, how identity management works and is configured, auditing, and distributed identity management with multiple Artifactory instances. You'll learn about the levels of security built into Artifactory and how to leverage them for your setup, as well as extend them with user plugins to provide a custom ACL and permissions model.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Establish a circle of trust between several Artifactory instances
  • Implement a security model in Artifactory
  • Integrate Artifactory with your existing security provider
  • Understand internal mechanisms behind LDAP integration
  • Authenticate to Artifactory in different ways
  • Automate security strategies


  • Introduction
  • Dependencies
  • Bill of Materials
  • Authentication
  • Binary Security
  • Isolation and Control Gates
  • Delegate Authentication (LDAP)
  • Encryption
  • Access Tokens

Who is this course for?

Application Security Engineers, DevSecOps, DevOps engineers and Artifactory administrators who have experience integrating Artifactory into their pipeline.